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Laser Treatment

for Piles in Hyderabad

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    Anand Reddy

Piles Treatment in Hyderabad

Advanced Laser Treatment for Piles

On SafeHands Laser Piles Centre is one of the best hospitals for piles treatment in Hyderabad. Led by the best piles specialists in Hyderabad our laser piles centre has high success rates using advanced laser treatment for piles. Our  piles treatments doesn’t involve any cutting or blood loss. The patient can leave in 4 hours and get back to work in a couple of days. 

Our advanced laser treatment for piles ensure there is no recurrence of Piles unlike traditional open surgery and other methods of piles treatments.

Surgical(Open Surgery)

Laser Treatment

Cuts & Stitches No Cuts & No Stitches
Chances of Infection No Infection
Blood loss No blood loss
High Chances of Recurrence  No recurrence
Painful Painless
2-4 days Hospital Stay Walk out in 4 Hours
Recovery Time 2-3 Weeks Recovery Time 2-3 Days

What are Piles?

Piles also called as Haemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels seen inside and outside of the anal canal. The size of piles can vary and piles are broadly classified into two categories : Internal Haemorrhoids and External Haemorrhoids. Internal haemorrhoids occur on inside of the anal canal and rectum and are not usually very painful. Meanwhile External haemorrhoids occur on the outer part of anus and can be extremely painful.

Piles are further classified into 4 grades/ stages, grade 1 being the mildest form of piles & with grade 4 as severe form where piles grow from inside and bulge outside the anal canal  and cannot be pushed in.

What causes Piles?

A variety of factors can cause Piles/Haemorrhoids including genetic predisposition causing weak vein walls. Some of the common causes of Piles Include:

 Chronic Constipation 

Chronic constipation is a condition in which a person faces difficulty in emptying bowels. Even chronic diarrhoea can cause Piles.

 Diet & Obesity

Obesity is also a factor in causing piles. Consuming foods poor in Fiber can also cause piles. Daily intake of Fiber should be a minimum of 30 grams.

Abdominal Strain

Increase in abdominal pressure during pregnancy, childbirth & weight-lifting can cause piles. Too much strain during bowel movement can also cause piles.

Laser Treatment for Piles 

Piles can be treated with many methods like Sclerotherapy, Banding, Infrared Coagulation, Open Surgery (Hemorrhoidectomy) , Stapling etc.. but advanced laser surgery for piles is very successful compared to traditional surgery or home remedies. 

Our piles specialists are one of the best piles doctors in Hyderabad with over 15 + years of experience. No matter how challenging and unmanageable your piles are, our advanced laser treatment and piles specialists with unparalleled expertise in treating piles can help you. Our piles treatments are absolutely painless as well as bloodless and doesnt include any cutting or suturing. Other surgical options or piles treatments may not provide you with same level of results as Laser treatment for Piles.  Laser surgery for piles can help you get rid of piles permanently! Consult our Piles Doctors in Hyderabad now for Laser Surgery for Piles. 


How long does it take to recover after Laser Piles Surgery?

Laser Piles surgery is known for it’s short recovery time. Typically it takes 2-3 days for a patient to recover after a laser piles surgery. The patient can get back to work in 2-3 days.

Is Laser treatment for Piles Painful?

Laser surgery for Piles is done under anaesthesia. The procedure is not painful and it takes 30 to 45 minutes for the procedure to be completed.

Is Laser Treatment for Piles covered under Insurance?

Safehands clinics is partnered with most of the Insurance & TPA providers. You can contact us for Insurance details. We also offer 0% EMI option. 

Can laser treatment give permanent relief for piles?

There is no recurrence of piles in Laser Treatment. Piles can be permanently cured with Laser treatment.