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Laser Treatment

for Fissures in Hyderabad

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Fissures Treatment 

Laser Treatment for Fissures in Hyderabad

Safe Hands Clinics is one of the best hospitals for fissures treatment in Hyderabad. Our advanced laser treatment for fissures can give you permanent relief from fissures with in 30 minutes. Laser surgery for fissures is the best option for fissures treatment. The laser for fissures procedure will involve no cutting or suturing and there will be no blood loss.

Our Advanced laser treatment for fissures will ensure there will no recurrence of piles unlike open surgery.

Surgical(Open Surgery)

Laser Treatment

Cuts & Stitches No Cuts & No Stitches
Chances of Infection No Infection
Bleeding due to cuts No Bleeding
High Chances of Recurrence  No Recurrence
24 hrs Hospital Stay Go home in 4 Hrs
Painful Painless
Recovery Time One Week Recovery Time 1 Day

What are Fissures?

A fissure is a small crack or injury on the soft and delicate lining of the anus or anal canal. It is generally caused by passing of large and hard stools. The anal fissure can can make passing of stools more difficult often resulting in Itching and bleeding. Anus is a very sensitive body part and even though the fissure is only a centimetre across it can cause great deal of pain and discomfort. The anal fissure usually heals itself in 2-4 weeks but if it persists you must visit a doctor.

What Causes Anal Fissures?


Passing hard and large stools can cause anal fissures. Diarrhoea, Irregular and unusual bowel movements can also cause anal fissures.

Poor Diet & Obesity

Diet plays an important role in bowel movements. Diet with foods with less fibre content and obesity can cause anal fissures. 

Abdominal Strain

Straining too much during bowel movements and even strain from child birth can cause damage to the anal canal forming a tear.

Unhealthy Anal Intercourse

Unhealthy anal intercourse can cause damage to the anal canal. Anal Intercourse can form a tear in the anal canal lining. 

Symptoms of  Anal Fissures?

  • Severe pain while passing stools
  • Severe burning sensation and swelling at anal region after passing stools
  • Blood in Stools
  • A visible cut or tear near the anus
  • Itching and discomfort near anal region

Treatment for Fissures

Treatment options for an anal fissure may vary based on the cause and type of the fissure. If the fissure are acute and are generally caused by constipation or irregular bowel movements, then medications can be prescribed to relieve the symptoms, relieve pain and heal the fissure. But in many cases the fissures are chronic and don’t heal with medicines. In such cases a surgery is recommended to treat the anal fissures.

Advanced treatment methods like laser surgery for fissures hold huge advantage over traditional open surgery. Our laser surgery for fissures in Hyderabad is one of the most advanced and considered to be the most modern method to treat fissures. Laser treatment for fissures is easy and comfortable. It is pain less and there is no cuts or blood loss involved. The recovery time is less compared to traditional open surgery.

Safe hands clinics has the best fissures specialists in Hyderabad. Our fissures doctors have performed thousands of fissure treatments with high success rates and have over 15+ years of experience in treating fissures.


WIll laser treatment cure fissures permanently?

Laser treatment can cure fissures permanently. There will be no recurrence of fissures after fissures treatment with laser.

Is laser surgery for fissures painful?

The laser surgery for fissures will be performed under anaesthesia. It is a painless procedure.

How long do i have to stay in the hospital after the surgery?

The surgery will take upto 30 minutes and you can leave the hospital in 4 hours after the surgery. 

How soon can i get back to work?

You can get back to work the next day after the surgery.